Polaroids and things

Polaroids and things

Holla, y’all! Okay, I know I said I’m going to stop blogging but heck, we all know it’s hard to stay away from good ‘ol Tumblr. Tumblr peeps are just amazing. So here’s a little update from the past few months. 

  • UP’s academic calendar shift. Finally, after a good dose of arguments and discussions here and there, the Board of Regents approved the academic calendar shift to make amends according to the ASEAN harmonization in 2015. Long story short: UP is one of the universities to start classes on August and end in June. UST follows, starting their academic year on July. Ateneo is set to start classes on August next school year. 
  • After a few quite pressurized days, I have been elected to be UP Sandigan’s Secretary General. Quite a dream come true really! It was one of my goals when I joined our org. And now I’m excited as the new school year unfolds!
  • Hell week. Can’t even stress it enough. But eventually, I managed to pass all my subjects with flying colors! Sort of. 
  • We had our community drugstore internship in April, and our Cavite community immersion last May. I have learned so many things! Mainly on how to become patient when interacting with others, how to adapt to a community, and becoming more aware on the health status of some communities and barangays in our country. 
  • I have been writing more than reading. And it feels good to express my thoughts on paper. A little inspiration goes a long long way, too!
  • Before my siblings went back to school, we went to El Nido, Palawan! The place was just breathtaking. The sand, sun, and sea never felt better! To make things more exciting, we’re going back to Palawan next year, this time to Coron! 
  • So far now, I’ve been bumming around the house. It has been quite awhile, except for a couple of catching up with high school friends and movie dates with the college gang. Hoping for more. 🙂 
My blog is dead.

My blog is dead.

I guess you could call this an update?

I haven’t posted anything wordy ever since I could remember. School had been eating me up and we have about a week ‘til summer classes. Yes, I’ll take summer classes because I desperately need two units to reach third year standing. 

Anyhow, my family just got home from a beach trip and can I say it was just so bitin. -.- Oh, how I loved the cold sand beneath my feet during our early morning walk. I wished we stayed longer, but the resort can no longer accommodate us because a lot of people were checking in. Back to the city, then. 

Should I even mention this heat? It’s so…dragging. Like it makes me 1000x lazier to get out of bed. And everyday even if I just lay down in bed I feel tired. Tired. And I don’t even know why. Maybe that’s how stressed I am. School had been such a drag. It was the longest sem ever, I swear. Fifteen units of stress. And about 10 days to sleep it off. 

I have recently learned how to torrent. (Yeah, I’m such a noob.) I’ve tried it before and it didn’t seem to work. So a few days ago I tired downloading uTorrent again, and it didn’t work. So I tried Bitcomet then bam! Torrent heaven. I have started downloading lots of series including Chuck, House, Revenge, The O.C., and The Big Bang Theory. I also watched Liberal Arts, which I think is the wittiest, most intelligent, and most insightful movie ever produced. I’m currently watching Happythankyoumoreplease which, just like Liberal Arts, is starred, written, directed, and produced by Josh Radnor. 

A lot of non-acad related books are piled up on my desk which are waiting for me to read, most of them (okay, all of them) are given by my bebes. The Help (currently reading), given by Kristine, P.S. I Love You from Matthew, and The Casual Vacancy from MK and Regina. 

I hope in the coming days I could keep this blog alive, since it will be a very busy summer for me. A lot of outings and trips are planned out, driving school, summer classes, and my brother’s birthday. I love it when my summer schedule is pretty packed, since I don’t want to stay in the house all day. 

Here’s to a memorable summer! (hopefully)

A shot of espresso

A shot of espresso

This week had been so far what you call ‘hell’, but surprisingly, instead of throwing myself into a big pile of doop (yes, I just invented this word), I feel like I’m floating around with a light breeze. Maybe it’s because I drank a shot of espresso a couple of nights ago, and it managed to make me stay awake for about 36 hours, and make me feel light and weird. 

  • Tuesday night I studied for my lab exam the next day, tried (take note: tried) to sleep at around 11:30PM, half-slept for about 5 hours while subconsciously reviewing. 
  • Wednesday morning until noon we stayed at The Coffee Bean to review, went to the heavens with  my first sip of White Chocolate Dream, and babbled about other stuff.
  • Wednesday night after the exam, I was hyperactive and sabaw all throughout the LRT ride.
  • Thursday afternoon I buy Moods memo pad. Memo pads are all the rave nowadays. Studying has never been more colorful and bright! 
  • Thursday night I watched Easy A, fawned over Emma Stone’s gorgeousness, and sang Pocketful of Sunshine until i fell asleep. 
  • Friday morning I was still singing Pocketful of Sunshine.
  • Friday afternoon I indulged a couple of S’mores and passed by Moonleaf on the way home for my weekly milk tea fix. 
  • And right now I’m studying for another exam tomorrow. 

This is my way of keeping this blog alive: updating you with a very normal (and boring) week of my life. Bow.