The Happy List – 011714:

  1. Finding time to finish (or try to finish) all work due to next week and further.
  2. An efficient planner!! It’s only rare that you find the perfect one that suits you, your lifestyle, and your schedule. I have to thank BDJ for this, and for the Pantene Kit they sent over!! 
  3. Teal-colored things. I’ve recently re-developed my love for teal especially my teal ink-colored pen from Muji!! (I shall someday buy the whole set of colors because Muji’s pens are just perfect.) 
  4. My handy dandy notebook!! Because I have finally have a jotter pad of some sorts to write down to-do’s, minutes of meetings, and random notes to myself when the planner is out of reach.
  5. Phone calls. Because SMS is so a long time ago.
  6. Friends – who no matter where or when, you could always call them up in the most mundane of times and reasons.
  7. Writing. Because nothing ever makes me feel efficient…and creative. It’s my art. 
  8. Seeing your article published!! Even if it’s just on your college publication. Someday, it will come a long way.
  9. Thinking about the future. And the road not taken.
  10. The Spectacular Now. Both the movie and the meaning behind it, because we have no better thing to do but to enjoy today, and make the most of tomorrow.

Join Camie’s The Happy List linkup here!!


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