Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away?

  • A 2014 planner. I’m eyeing this one, even if it’s a wee too expensive. Hey, it’s a wishlist. (SB planner, or the BDJ planner in gray leatherette)
  • An owl mug. Just as long it has an owl on it, I’m good. Or any adorable medium-sized mug. 
  • Books. Because I can never have too many. My to-read list is here
  • An automatic, foldable umbrella, because my old one’s broken. 
  • A blazer in a neutral color. Because I have attended (and will attend) seminars that require business attire, and this one will be very useful for presentations in the next few years.
  • Shoes. Because I’m already wearing out the few everyday pairs that I have.
  • A bowler hat for Bowler Hat Day! Okay, I just made that up. 
  • A box of Twinings’ English Breakfast Tea or Chai. AAAH I CAN TASTE IT ALREADY. 
  • I’m not really the make-up kind of girl, but I do put on a little for special events and occasions, and Urban Decay’s new Naked 3 palette is just gorgeous!!
  • This black floppy hat.
  • A purple bath towel
  • A red/gray beanie
  • That hand and nail cream from Marks & Spencer in the lavender scent
  • Skater skirts!! In red, black, and/or maroon please. 

That’s basically all I want! Haha. 


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