The Carrie Diaries is back! And as much as some of you hate or dislike (or whatever you want to call it) TCD, then okay. But I do love Carrie and I do love AnnaSophia and I do love the fashion, the city (I mean, who doesn’t), the music, and of course, the boys. Sebastian Kydd is seriously the guy you usually drool over and I don’t blame you, honey. 

There’s just something about The Carrie Diaries that is extremely relatable, or some part of me just wants to live that life and to have that life. I sound like a little girl pining over how ~boring~ her life is but it’s true! (Or maybe mainly it’s because of the boy) 

Okay, I’ll end my extreme fangirling right there. But if you are a fan, too, then holla girl! 


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