Some people are insensitive. They complain about small changes in the academic calendar when they are who can benefit from INC’s activities. 

For your information, the medical and dental mission on Monday, which caused a disruption in some academic calendars due to suspension of class, is not for us members of the Church of Christ. They are actually for people who are not members of the Church. Next year, we will be celebrating 100 years of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and we have taken a part in spreading God’s word. And as much as we serve the Lord, we are also taking a part in serving the community by giving them the opportunity to hear God’s teachings. And as much as we anticipated the huge number that will participate on Monday, we would also like to give something back, and that’s why we’re conducting the medical and dental mission.

If it disturbs you so much, then do not participate. You don’t have to complain how it will waste precious time from your academic activities. You do not have to emphasize on how much it will be such a “hassle” for everyone when in truth that it is not. Well, in fact, you must make time for God and thank Him for His blessings. God is above everything. We are doing this to serve Him, and please Him.

So, please, to everyone who thinks this disruption has taken the best out of you, then God bless. 

In the end, I have strength in my faith. And if you don’t respect that, then fuck off. 

P.S. Classes are suspended because the Church is anticipating a huge number of members and non-members from all over the National Capital Region to attend the medical and dental missions, and thus will immense traffic. This is for everyone’s safety, if that explains anything. 


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