Life in Backwards

Life in Backwards

  • So I’m doing this bulleted post of what’s happening in my life in reverse right now until last week or so. 
  • It’s been raining for two straight days.
  • I’ve been stuck in my room the whole day.
  • It’s so sad.
  • I’m sending my prayers to everyone out there!
  • We got home from Tagaytay yesterday, while Southwoods was still passable. 
  • I watched Shakespeare in Love on Saturday night.
  • I tried to do my problem set in Physical Chem.
  • Last Friday we sent out letters to CAS organizations.
  • I was so haggardo versoza huhu I’m sorry to all the lovely people I met.
  • I didn’t really remember what happened last Thursday. 
  • I should update more.
  • Wednesday we had our first ever GA with the Silver Babies!!
  • On Wednesday I went to a load of RTRs. 
  • I think I RTR-ed too on Tuesday. 
  • Classes were suspended last Monday, too.

Random updates:

  • I’ve been reading Coraline again. After about three weeks of not touching it. I haven’t returned it to Matthew since. He’s gonna kill me.
  • And I got myself a copy of This is How You Lose Her. I have only read the first few pages so far.
  • I have been doing these ootd’s and okay…they’re not that nice but please do check them out over at Instagram!!
  • Our organization is having a Leadership Summit entitled Epic FAIL: Filipino Altruism in Leadership. Speakers include Francis Kong (yes, Francis Kong!!), Celina Le Neindre of The Apprentice Asia, and Ru dela Torre. For more details about the summit you may check out EF’s Facebook Page or you may send me a message! 🙂 
  • Also, in partnership with IE Club of UP Diliman, we are selling Good Karma shirts!! Every color has its own cause and with every shirt you buy, you support the foundation represented by each color. For more details you may send me a TA!! (DO IT.)
  • Life acads-wise has been basically chill for me. #irregproblems
  • And I’ve been wanting to write for such a long time now but I can’t seem to find the inspiration to do so.
  • Oh oh! I’ve recently discovered the vlog of Bethany Mota. She is absolutely adorable and I love love love her outfits and the fact that we are both obsessed with owls!
  • I guess that’s it for today.
  • I’m gonna have a movie date with my laptop now.
  • Stay safe and dry, loves! 🙂

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