Junior year, so far.

Junior year, so far.

This week was really awesome! 

It was org fair week so almost all of the orgs set up booths at the second floor for everyone (especially the freshies) to take a peek at how org life can be. When you reach the second floor, one of the first booths you’ll see is our beloved UP Sandigan! I only got to tambay there this morning because every time I tired the days before, the booth was already full and jampacked. Haha! It was a chance for non-members and soon-to-be applicants to get to know the members and the org. Yesterday during #throwbackthursday we posted pictures of our Sandi adventures so far, and because I garnered one of the most number of likes, I won a cupcake! Yay for #SandiLove! 

This semester has to be the great because I am currently taking one of the best GE subjects I’ve had – Hum 2! At first I had the afternoon class of Sir Red, and I shifted to his morning class so as to have more time to study during Friday afternoons. (Yeah, I’m GC like that.) Anyway, Hum 2 in the afternoon was great even if I’m alone and I don’t know anyone, but Hum 2 in the morning is waaay better because some of my blockmates were my classmates. Laughter is more fun when you share them with friends.

So, anyway, this week had been a great start to my semester and I hope it stays that way.

Have a good school year!


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