I am browsing and searching the vast depths of the world wide web for something worth reading. And when I do, I read, and read, and read some more. And then I think, when can I write like that? How can I write like that? How do I express my thoughts in words with such impact? How do I start writing a paragraph, a story, or a thought, wherein the reader cannot stop reading after the very first sentence? 

Sometimes I feel that my writing is nonsense. That I can never be that good. But then, ‘good’ is rather vague. I don’t want to settle for mediocre, either. I just want to write…in the right way. To express my thoughts and feelings in words to describe them as they are. Nonetheless, no one in the world could do that. No one can express an exact feeling, because at that moment when someone does, it is not a feeling anymore, but rather, words that make you feel. 

Confusing, isn’t it? How words and feelings don’t really come together. 

See, right now, I don’t how to end this. Thoughts just never seem to stop. At this moment, maybe I should just do. 


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