I stumbled upon a few quotes the past couple of days. They’re about life, friendship, and faith. These words are not my own, but they seem to reflect my thoughts. 

“We are all caught in that same world where no one is necessarily good or bad, but that we just want different things, and sometimes, in our attempt to achieve what we want to, we hurt people along the way.”

“…but even purported friends can hurt you, when they want to.”

“Life would always be life, and I shouldn’t expect it to be different,”

“It’s the happy kind of sad, but while you’re sad, it doesn’t force you to be happy. It just knows that you’re sad, and sometimes, it’s okay to just live out that sadness until it ends, because quite frankly, what else could we do?”

“You are my dopamine. Remember that.”

You can’t force destiny. If it’s gonna happen, it will happen.” 

Because for every person who hates your guts, there are ten times as many who do not. “


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