To: My baby

To: My baby

It’s been two years since you became my baby. You will always be. Even if sometimes you act more mature than I am, you will still be my girl. 

I can talk to you about anything under the sun. Our conversations just keep on going and going. I hope our friendship is the same – never-ending. Fab 5 will always be together, because you guys will be my bridesmaids, my ninangs to my children, and my kumares when we reach forty. 

I’m sorry if I ever interfered with anything. I hope you know what I mean. Maybe I should always keep in mind that you make your own decisions, too, and that you only try to take things more slowly with anyone. Good luck, though! I’m happy when you’re happy. 

I miss you to bits, baby. Update me about your love life soon, okay? *nudge nudge* I love you! »»:*««


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