To: Mrs. Ed Westwick

To: Mrs. Ed Westwick

I’ve known you since high school, although I’m really not sure how we met. 

Freshmen Welcome Assembly. I was in a real hurry to get to the Film Center because I thought I was late, but then I was texting you back then and you told me that that moment would what make my first day in college memorable. 

You were my lab partner in Chem 14.1, and right now we’re IP 141 lab buddies. Somehow, we make a great team, and I hope this would last until the end. We will graduate together, Regina. I just want to let you know that I would never leave you behind. 

Your poker face would never hide your genuine heart. Smile more often! Sige ka, hindi ka papansinin ni Ck kung palagi kang nakasimangot. Haha. 

Kidding aside, you know I will always be here for you, even if you and Mk bully me. Every. Single. Day. But I think that’s what makes college such a blast for me. I am truly blessed to have you guys in my life. Thank you! 🙂 I love you! *huuuuuug*


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