Since my birthday is about two weeks away and a lot of people are already asking what I want for my birthday so I’m finally posting an eighteenth birthday wishlist. 

  1. I really really REALLY want a Polaroid camera. 
  2. Bookworm that I am, I would love to receive a really good read. 🙂 Check out my to-read shelf here
  3. An everyday satchel in the most adorable color. 
  4. One terabyte hard drive to fill with all the movies, tv series, and files to my heart’s content. 
  6. I’ve wanted a Moleskine for like..forever. 
  7. A new iPod! Because my classic rests in peace and my sister’s mP3 player is just…*sigh*
  8. A new comfy pillow with my name on it. 
  9. A white bookshelf. 
  10. A floating lantern that would make my dreams come true. 
  11. Aside from figurines, I would want something that I can use to decorate my room. And someone suggested a princess bed canopy and now I’d love that, too.
  12. I noticed that when I wrote this list down with pen and paper I wrote dSLR twice so yeah. 
  13. That pair of Keds in the prettiest shade of blue. 
  14. The warmest, comfiest sweater or cardigan ever. 
  15. Something to express my UP pride!
  16. Wreck This Journal
  17. I can’t really think of anything else
  18. right now so I’ll leave you to it. 🙂

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