Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day

On a Wednesday, in a classroom,
Chilly and quiet, such a gloom.
The aircon is eerie, with quiet hums,
Waiting patiently as my fingers drum.
People around me seem to be fixed with their thoughts,
While Regina is focused in connecting colored dots.
I’m here sitting in a long, 3-hour class,
Pretending to listen to my teacher talking fast.
Brenner, Jacob, Meselson: names I see,
As awesome as them I wish I could be.
Now, Regina is playing with a cute little whale,
Rainbow colored bubbles are scattered on its trail.
“Begin Again,” I believe, is now the new iTunes’s number one,
“How I Met Your Mother” is coming to an end, now that’s no fun.
Matthew is wiggling his feet, writing songs in his head,
Wishing he could just lie all day on his soft, cuddly bed.


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