Chicken soup

Chicken soup

I sit there staring at my binder while I write down as my professor scribble on the whiteboard which seemed nonsense all the while. I bet I looked like some moron with my head bobbing up and down due to drowsiness. At the back of my mind I think of where else I should be. 

Earlier, beads start to form on my forehead while I try to perfect my punches and blocks, look straight ahead, and feel my heartbeat rushing as my thoughts wander to him. I sit in class, completely ignoring whatever else was going on in the world. 

In some crazy sense I was a ghost, walking through the halls when I had no idea where I was going. At some point in my life, with all the things that I should notice, pay attention to, become senseless tasks that I was supposed to do even without my heart in it. 


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