Living louder*

Living louder*

In life, you should always know how to play it safe. 

I believe in the exact opposite. Without risks, you will never learn, you will never make mistakes, and you will never discover who you really are and who you want to be. I never understood it at first, but just a few moments ago, I realized exactly what it means – taking risks. 

“What if I didn’t take up this course? What if I took the path that I really wanted to go and pursue medicine? What if I never listened to my parents about ‘playing it safe’ and take up Pharmacy just so that I didn’t go to med school, I still have a ‘decent’ job?”

Throughout my life I believe that I have listened and followed because I thought that whatever they said was always right. And now, I end up thinking that maybe I never really got the chance to discover myself and know who I am by taking chances in what I really want to do. Yes, maybe I’ve been through a few bumps in the road and a lot of I-told-you-so’s, but then really, so what? At least I got to commit mistakes and learn from them. 

Still, here I am, trying to finish what I’ve already started, believing only in what pushes me to go forward: listen, follow, succeed, and everyone will be happy. I won’t deny it, but most of the time, they’re right. Mother knows best. And she will always know what’s best for me. 

To me, life is all about taking risks. Otherwise, you’ll never really know if you like feta cheese. 

My only regret is having regrets.*

*My apologies to all of those who are listening to (and loving) The Cab. 


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