Last weekend in bullets:

  • Sunday I woke up to the bustling of voices in the bedroom. Turns out they were deciding where to go for the day.
  • At around 11am we only had about ten minutes to pack for a night at Sofitel.
  • Next thing I know I’m at the back of the Pajero listening to Snow Patrol.
  • A couple of hours later we checked in. 
  • Mom didn’t like the MOA view so we asked to be transferred to a room with a pool view. And an extra bed.
  • We ate lunch first at Hap Chan in Harbour Place. 
  • When we came back to the hotel we dressed up in our swimsuits and off to the swimming pool we go!
  • It was freezing and the wind wasn’t of big help so after a half hour or so we went back to the room.
  • While waiting for my turn in the shower, we watched Anaconda on Star Movies.
  • We went out again for dinner at Dencio’s. I had dessert first: an Oreo parfait from Icebergs (and I was scolded for throwing money for a 198 Php ice cream – too much for good ice cream, I guess?). Dencio’s sisig was just superb. 
  • Slept at around 10:30 PM. Woke up a couple of hours later due to a hard floor and a hot room. Transferred at the bottom of the bed of my siblings.
  • Woke up at around seven in the morning. Dressed up and brushed my teeth for breakfast. 
  • Had waffles, sausages, mango juice, and strawberry yogurt. And good coffee.
  • Printed a copy of my grades at the business centre of the hotel. 
  • Went up at the room, brushed my teeth, and went to UPM to have my grades certified. About ten minutes after arriving at school, I decided to take the train instead and go off two stations later at Vito Cruz. 
  • Hurriedly went up to the room to change.
  • Went to the swimming pool and swam for a couple of hours. 
  • Got really dark. (I mean my skin tone)
  • Showered after.
  • Ate a delicious truffle cake. 
  • Ate and ate again.
  • Checked out at around noon.
  • Went home.
  • Drives through Jollibee for lunch.
  • Slept then went to the grocery after. 
  • The End

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