And then it hit me.

And then it hit me.

My first year in college is finally coming to a close. 

No more, “Freshie ka ba?” from the upperclassmen. No more getting used to. In a couple of weeks, we are officially ates and kuyas of the new freshie batch. 

I’m glad that I could say I’ve made the most out of my first year. I met new friends, acquaintances, and what I would like to call family outside of home. I tried new things I’ve never done before, learned new things, made new memories to cherish. I can’t say I’m the one who is active in attending parties, joining rallies or boycotts, but I definitely tried to adapt to the new environment, get to know new faces, fit myself right in to this world called college. 

Now we’re moving on to a higher year, looking forward to harder subjects, more sleepless nights, hell weeks, and hopefully, another great year. 


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