Yesterday when we had our picture for the US visa taken in Great Image, I saw two girls (I’m guessing they’re sisters) with whom I assumed was their mother looking at pictures of them wearing a simple white dress and a sablay. UP’s signature maroon sablay, that is.

I can’t help getting excited for my own graduation, passing the board exam here and in the States, and sending my siblings to school one day. 

As we walked by them, I excitedly told mom, “Ma, papa-picture din ako ng ganyan pag grumaduate ako ha!” She laughingly answered, “Oo, sige! Basta grumaduate ka on time!” And then it hit me: could I really graduate on time? I know it’s going to be hard knowing hot it is in CP, but that exact moment inspired me to push forward. 

I told myself that whatever it takes, I will finish with flying colors. Or maybe, just graduate on time. Teehee. 


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