Satisfying cravings

Satisfying cravings

Today, I bought some stuff at National Bookstore. And as always, I end up buying a book because I never have second thoughts about buying a book if I knew I had money. 

I bought yellow pads (because I ran out for our problem set), a yellow highlighter (kasi naghihingalo na yung highlighter ko), a bookmark (for The Hunger Games), and The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. 

It’s been a while since I bought something from a bookstore. And every time I do, there’s a certain feeling of…contentment. Satisfaction. It’s like you’re craving for chocolate cake and then you see a book about chocolate and/or cakes and you immediately buy it. 

So today was, good. So far. It’s been a busy day. Finished the problem set (most of it), and did my post lab worksheet. It was the last day of PE and I am relieved. But I’m going to prepare for our finals. We have to run 5km in less than forty minutes! I hope I can do it. And I still have to study for an exam tomorrow night. *Sigh*

This is good night! 😀


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