For the love of books

For the love of books

I love books. I love to read. Every time it feels like I’m entering a whole new world, a whole new perspective. It’s a whole new place far different from here. It’s always a happy ending (not really, but most of the time) and who wouldn’t want that? When I read a book, I dissolve in the pool of words right before my eyes. They may be fiction, but I think that’s the best things about them: they’re not afraid to believe in the impossible. Stories that last forever are the best, especially if they’re fairy tales. I love fairy tales. I love the idea of a damsel in distress, a prince coming to her rescue, dragons, sword fights, and evil queens and witches. Except that, it isn’t always happily ever after; there are no prince charmings, and no once upon a time to start with. 

I think life is a big, thick book which we have to write. God is the author of our lives. We are the editors. But I don’t think we could change our happily ever after, whatever it may be. 


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