Dark circles

Dark circles

I always complain how raccoon-like I look now because of all the sleepless nights I’ve had for the past weeks. But mom said, “That’s college life!” And I never expected it to be this hard, being in college I mean. I know that this would determine my future, whether I’ll be successful or not. It all boils down on my performance in college. My future depends on now – the present. But I think that’s just how it is. Your future depends on what you’re doing with your life right now, whether you like it or not. So if you’ll slack off today, expect it that you might have a hard time looking for a job the next day.

With a major as hard as mine, it’s hard to avoid being delayed. And sometimes it’s not because you don’t work hard or study hard, it’s because of the people around you. It’s not entirely your fault, and you don’t have to blame yourself either. 

All you have to do is hope for the best, pray hard, and let God do it His own time and way, as long as you work hard enough until you think you deserve it. 


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