Busy Bee

Busy Bee

I’m going to be busy this coming week because I have exams, problem sets, and make-up classes. So maybe (just maybe) I won’t be able to update in a while.

Let me just tell you how stressful college life in UP can be. 

  • Terror profs and disastrous exams. 
  • Since I study at the Manila campus, you can imagine the pollution I inhale everyday.
  • Rush hour LRT rides.
  • Not knowing where to eat lunch.
  • Very long breaks before exams. (One time, we had to wait seven hours for an exam.)
  • Make-up classes at seven in the evening.
  • Cats that randomly roam around the campus.
  • The distance between CP and CAS.
  • The intense heat of the sun.
  • Prerequisite subjects that are harder than major subjects. (Okay, maybe not.)
  • Late announcements for cancelled, postponed, or suspended classes.
  • Living so far away from school.

Nevertheless, there are good things, too.

  • Blockmates 
  • Robinson’s Place Manila is part of our campus.
  • Professors that give ++10.
  • Chemistry lab.
  • Lab gowns, masks, lab kits and gloves.
  • Seeing your crush on a random day.
  • UP Manila Chorale and UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity

*Will update soon.


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