5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose UP

5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose UP

5. Iskolar ng Bayan, Iskolar Para sa Bayan

One of the perks pf getting into UP is your being called an Iskolar. With this name comes the privilege of studying in the country’s most prestigious school without paying for a very high tuition fee. Of course, being an Iskolar also means that you should not only work hard for yourself, but to get ready to serve the Filipino people in the future. 

4. No discriminations

Every Iskolar ng Bayan is unique. UP students come from all walks of life so there are no labels. We do not discriminate each other, and we work together. We try to avoid conflicts among ourselves as much as possible. UP also doesn’t support any religious group, as UP believes in you no matter what your faith is.

3. Filipino Pride

The University of the Philippines. It says it all.

2.  UP Nationwide

You would notice that UP has campuses all over the Philippines, from Diliman to Manila, Los Baños, Visayas, and Mindanao. This gives the students from provinces a chance to study in UP.

1. Honor and Excellence

This is what UP aims for. When you graduate, you’ve successfully accomplished honor and excellence of UP.


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