Good vibes, good vibes.

Good vibes, good vibes.

Today is a great start for my week. I checked my blog and learned that I’ve gained 3 followers, and that I received a message from my favorite blogger. How’s that for good vibes, huh? And it’s not only a good start, but a refreshing ending, too.

Yesterday was our first day of tutoring kids at Bagong Silangan Elementary School. Our job is to teach these kids how to read in 12 weeks. It was fun to meet my tutee, Hannah Besmonte, and to meet my blockmates’ tutees as well. It was a big block bonding, too, in some way.

I’ve learned that life is hard and that you’d have to work hard every single day. 

When Hannah was telling me how she would go to school without baon because her parents didn’t have money, or that her falling of the stairs of her home is the reason why she struggles with her studies, I realized how lucky I am that I’m truly blessed. The experience is truly an eye-opener. 

I can’t wait to come back every Saturday, and help Hannah to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse, in my own little way. 


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