Second Semester

Second Semester

A few days (or weeks) ago, I promised that I’d blog about the second semester, and here it goes. 

Although I promised myself I’ll do better this semester, I think it won’t be easy. I’ve already adapted the Iskolar life, but I can only think of what’s wrong with this semester. 

Early this sem, we found out that our former Math 17 will also be our teacher in Math 100. We were disappointed because we wanted a different (if possible, better) in math. Our wishes came true when we found out that there were changes, only to find out that our teacher now is an even bigger disappointment. I can only say that his lectures lull me to sleep. So I’d have to deal with that and self-study.

On the contrary, our Chem 14 may be my favorite subject this sem. Our professor is brilliant with the way he explains his lectures, and the way he discusses each example is genius. I’ve always loved chemistry, and I think I’d do good. I’ll just have to wait and see our first exam. 

Some of our classes I certainly cannot understand a single word, not to mention a topic. My mind is completely blown in Philo I and I just don’t know if I’ll survive. Although our professor is wise in his discussions, may be Philo is just really not my thing. 

IP 121 may be a hassle, but I think I’ll enjoy it. I learn a lot from the right techniques and good laboratory practices to the ups and downs of my stay in the college. 

So far, all is well. 


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