Boxed up

Boxed up

Before I had my hair relaxed, my mom had one condition: fix my desk. I have to admit my table was a big mess with all the books, papers, and folders stacked in one corner of it. So I had to box up most of it to make room for the next sem. Fortunately, I’ve done a great job compiling them according to subject. And may I tell you, math and bio were the heaviest loads. With all the clutter gone, I’m ready to face a brand new semester! 

My handwriting sucks. 

The one on the left side is all math, while underneath the book in Comm is all bio.

Alongside this, I also had to organize my drawer which pretty much turned out fine. (I think.)

By looking at the photo, I don’t think I’ve done a very good job. From upper right hand corner counterclockwise: coloring and scrapbooking materials, rulers, calculator, one-hole puncher, stapler, bookmarks, foldback clips, scissors, fasteners, tape, post-its, glue, two-hole puncher, and sharpener. 

I think I did fine because I knew where everything was. Whew!


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