Tweet tweet

Tweet tweet

I don’t understand why some people have like a gazillion tweets. Do they tweet about everything, everywhere, every time? I thought Twitter was about expressing your thoughts and opinions in less than 140 characters. Not about a minute-to-minute update of what’s going on in your life. Gone to a party and had a blast? Okay. Thought Taylor Swift’s new video is cool? Okay. Read a good book? Okay. But tweeting that you just had gone to the bathroom and brushed your teeth is just ridiculous. What would people do to that kind of information? The heck, how would they even respond to that? 

So I vow to make sure that my tweets make sense or make you laugh. (Okay, maybe, not really.) But you get my point, right? Right? 

Okay. So. Well. I really don’t have anything to say anymore. So, bye.

P.S: Wala akong pinapatamaan dito. Napansin ko lang talaga na ganun. Ayun. Please don’t judge. 


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