Faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Faith, trust, and pixie dust.

I’ve noticed that Math 17 is the only subject I have with a grade below 2.5 and I can only say one thing to myself: “You can do better.” I know I can. It’s just math. Okay, maybe math is not that easy. But I remember a quote from one of our departmental exams, “If people do not believe that math is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” And it’s true. So this coming semester, I shall work harder in Math 100. I’ll read my book and practice. I will refer to our high school workbook in Calculus. I will ask for help if I need to. I will do EVERYTHING for a better grade in Math. Because ever since I was in grade school, I hated math. Math is always the lowest among my grades. I can say that math is not my forte. But to be able to survive this world I should learn how to love math as it is. I know I worked hard for that tres, but I know deep within that I can do a 2.5. And maybe if I just have a little faith in myself, then maybe I can earn an uno. 


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