Singapore Day 1

Singapore Day 1

So we took a weekend from our sembreak to go to Singapore! It was only 3 days, too short if you ask me. But we had fun nonetheless. 🙂

Still tired from the 4-hour flight. 

This is their version of the MRT and LRT. COMPARE. And their stations are huge and air-conditioned. Since I ride the LRT everyday, I can see the difference. How I wish our trains were like this. Then I won’t have to be squeezed everyday and fight for a seat. 

Before boarding the duck tour. This baby goes from water to land, taking you around different hotspots in the city. Check out more pictures from the tour:

The famous Merlion. Tour guide says this is the mommy Merlion while her baby is right behind her (not seen in photo) and the daddy Merlion is out working at Sentosa. (I got a photo of him. Check it out later in one of my posts.) 

I took this aboard the Singapore Flyer. The sun shining through the wheel looks amazing. 

Mommy, me, and Nicole in the flyer.

This is the inside of their local bus. Very different from ours, I know. 

End of Day 1.


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