Why: An early Christmas gift to my followers! I would like to thank everyone who has been following me ever since, and through this I hope I will be able to thank you.

When: Duration of the give-away contest is from October 19 to December 19. I will give the domain on the 28th of December.

Who: People who are following me. So, if you are not following me. I am sorry! I want to thank my followers only, so it’s unfair if you’re not following me then you’ll join.

You can have the domain of your choice! May it be .com, .net, .info, .ph, whatever! This is for you! Good luck everyone! May the most deserving blogger win!

How to qualify?

  1. You must be following me since this give-away is for my followers only (Sure you can follow me if you aren’t yet).
  2. You must like and reblog this post. Yes, you may do reblog and like more than once.

PS. The first batch have been saved in my excel already. Don’t fret!


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